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I help overextended people recharge through self-care without feeling like they’re taking time away from their other priorities.

As a full-time spouse, mommy, and clinical pharmacist with a history of anxiety (or active anxiety…but who’s counting?), it can be all too easy to get caught up in our busy world and lose sight of what matters most.

We’re stressed. We’re overwhelmed. We’re busy taking care of everyone and everything, and can too easily get caught up in the storm of constant demands. With limited resources and only so much daylight, at the end of the day we’re left with nothing else to give, least of all to ourselves.

Tree hugger

My constant struggle and muse is to create time and space for the things that matter most, and still I find it all too easy to forget that my well-being is an important piece of that picture.

First snow!

The key I’ve found to navigating the power struggle between my imposter syndrome and my tendency to feel like the center of the universe is: self-care. Truthfully, I’m not all that great at keeping up with it, but I know for sure that it is possible to take care of yourself without sacrificing other things or people that are important to you.

In this blog, I share my trials and tribulations as I navigate self-care and survival through the bizarre “new normal” we face. In short, my mission is to help people (especially people who have no time) take care of themselves without sacrificing the care they give to others.

I’m not perfect. In fact, lately I seem to fail more than I succeed at the self-care came, so why am I the right person to help you take action in your self-care?

My life is human, messy, and stressful, but full of meaning and importance (just like yours). Practicing self-care is something that TAKES PRACTICE, and who better to practice it with than someone who struggles (on the daily) to hone the skills?

My goal and hope is to help everyday people to practice taking action in their self-care, to care for themselves and recharge, so that their important work in the world – the things that matter most to them – can flourish.

Bare faced, dolled-up, and in-between

Who needs perfect? Join me and keep practicing.

For my sake and for yours, thank you for being here, truly.



P.S. Please write to me anytime. I want to hear about what’s working and what’s not. Connect with me here.