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The Pharmacist Recommends

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If you’re here for solutions to feeling overextended, overwhelmed, and just plain tired, you’ve come to the right place, because in short, this pharmacist recommends: self-care.

I’m not talking about an hours long ritual or fancy excursion to recharge your batteries either. I’m talking about a simple (hopefully daily) practice of giving yourself some grace and some room to be kind to yourself, whatever that means for you. 

Meaningful self-care is personal, and it’s often not as luxurious or as picturesque as social media would have us believe. The truth is that even in its simplest forms, self-care is just not that easy to integrate into our lives. 

Most days, I actually find it quite hard to practice self-care, so I’m all about keeping it simple. For better or worse, at this stage in my life, my self-care is usually dual purpose, often overlapping with chores, basic needs, or some other kind of productive venture.

Here are some of the things that have become staples in my wonky routine and necessities for preserving what remains of my sanity. 

My favorite things

Rasa Coffee Alternative

::Sigh:: Rasa is a hug in a mug. For this coffee addict, an herbal alternative was a hard sell, but this stuff is MAGIC. Packed with adaptogens, this tea supports the body’s stress response systems to help adapt to stress AND minimize the post-stress wreckage! Plus, its DELICIOUS! Pleaseeeee try it, its amazing.

Read more about my love for Rasa here.

My favorite mask results in black splatters throughout my bathroom, but its worth it…a nice little indulgence when I can carve out the 10 minutes.


I’m a personal growth junkie, but really ANY book fits here. Especially when it comes from a local indie bookstore.

Elevate your established routines

This is a good place to start if self-care is nonexistant for you and difficult to incorporate into your life. Think of these as the extra sprinkles on the ice cream cone of your life. These little hacks (or sprinkles, as I like to think of them) add a touch of self-care zhuzh to routines that already exist in your day. If these routines aren’t currently in your repertoire, use these for inspiration.

Fancy floss

We’re already flossing daily (theoretically) so why not level-up the flossing game?! Cocofloss is a super-strong, flexible floss that acts like a loofah for your teeth to scrub away plaque and massage your gums with coconut oil. Icing on the cake? Cocofloss comes in delightful “flavors” like dark chocolate or strawberry, AND certain fragrance combos benefit wildlife! This product is a win-win-win!

Set it and forget it self-care

Another great option when time is limited and self-care is lacking: set it and forget it self-care (and then, hopefully remember it again). These hacks will have you practicing self-care in your sleep (literally).

Yes, this is labeled as a cleansing balm, but let me tell you, this is another favorite face mask, too. It works in your sleep to hydrate and bring out your glow. Simply massage a pea-sized amount onto the face, and then go to bed! Easy, set-it-and-forget-it overnight facial.

my favorite self-care gifts

Another plug for RASA, because the stuff is truly amazing. Enjoy your rich, yummy, indulgent beverage while simultaneously (and effortlessly) strengthening your stress reaction, recovery, and resilience. I LOVE THIS STUFF.

Treat yo-self

As an allergy-mom and longtime supporter of friends and family with food intolerances, I know the struggle of finding a premade dessert that can accommodate everybody [almost everybody].

FINALLY, I’ve found a cookie company that GETS IT… the Fomo Baking Co. founder went to (from my POV) painstaking lengths to create delicious, fresh-baked cookies to accommodate the most common food allergies.

Aside from getting the peace-of-mind stamp of approval from this allergy-mom, they also pass the taste test for toddlers and adults alike. Next time you need a treat to share (or not), let Fomo Baking Co. toil away in their dedicated kitchen so you can just sit back and enjoy the egg-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free amazingness that are these cookies. My personal favorite? I could eat a whole pack of sugar cookie bites…YUM!

Coming soon…”Self-care that gives back, too” and “Reading for self-care”